Tuesday, June 2, 2009

No Hors'n Around

At last night's Saugerties Village Board meeting, mayor Yerick opened with a salvo against the "jerk... idiot... 22 year old" who irreparably damaged one of the Hors'n Around Saugerties horses. "What in the hell gives these kids the right", the mayor continued as he explained that there was probably more than the 3 horses that have already been damaged.

Not children friendly

Apparently there have been other unforeseen issues that have arisen with the artful horses. Trustee Myers' report to the board included a child who "bumped" her face with the corner of one of the horses' metal bases. It seems that the bases on all 48 horses have protruding metal corners which are at eye-level to most children. "It's hard for a child to see them", Myers nervously chuckled, continuing to ensure a wary public that road department ground down the corners immediately after being alerted to the problem. "It's been quite a job keeping up with the horses..." she added. Mayor Yerick ended with a plea for anyone who witnesses suspicious activity around the horses to call the police immediately. "I can't understand why anyone would sit a child on these horses... they are beautiful pieces of art". Adding to the vandalism, it seems that folks have been seen sitting their pleading toddlers on the horses.

Running out of juice

Can you imagine that the little Village of Saugerties has reached full capacity and needs electrical upgrades? Well, it's true according to Alex Wade. Central Hudson will need to install 70 new utility poles. The problem is that CH will have to cut down some old shade trees in order to complete the upgrades. The Mayor explained that Verizon and Time Warner share these utility poles and they have "thousands of law suits" pending against them and he is "not optimistic" that they will comply will the Central Hudson pole transfers leaving old poles next to the 70 new poles and an unsightly mess. Kelly Myers is in charge of protecting the trees and the historical "integrity of our streets".

DOT changes its terms

The multi-million dollar Village water and sewer separation work agreement that has been planned for many years has run into financial trouble. New York State DOT wants the Village of Saugerties to pay for the construction costs upfront before the work begins. Then, as Alex Wade explained, "... we [Village of Saugerties] will bill DOT for the work when they are completed." The Mayor went on to assure the public that he has called all the politicians and representatives for their help and is hopeful something can be worked out.

"Oh yea... I'm abstaining"

The financial abstract for last month's Village expenses was approved unanimously (Campbell and Moore absent) with Trustee Murphy abstaining. At first Mayor Yerick seemed surprised, though with a smile and wink remembered that Trustee Murphy's trash services are included in the abstract of bills. Oh yea... I forgot.

Squeezing in another subdivision

A "Major Subdivision" request is in the progress. John Duran who owns property at the end of Main Street is requesting permission to subdivide his village property into several smaller parcels, "... for his kids".

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DaveG said...

Wonder what our esteemed mayor thought when the truth came out that it was one of his own Saugerties police officers, John Mullen, responsible for this. Ex-officer Mullen confessed and was convicted of the vandalism, criminal mischief and falsely reporting an incident while in the company (though off-duty) of another Saugerties police officer, Jeremy Rushkowski.