Thursday, July 22, 2010

Mouth Watering Window Mural for Poughkeepsie Health Food Store

Poughkeepsie's Mother Earth's Store House commissions Saugerties designer to create Hudson River landscape for mouth watering mural


Sunday, July 11, 2010

Saugerties: Auto Shows and Man's Best Friend: What's More American?

Auto Shows and Man's Best Friend: What's More American?

Stevie is a good girl... I promise.
Another (7th) annual Saugerties Auto Show in Saugerties Village and I decided to take a look as I've done the last seven times before. But this time was different, as I walked through the crowds (with my dog Stevie) I was approached by several show representatives and told that "Dogs were Not Allowed". I asked repeatedly, "Who passed the ordinance?... Who told you to say that?"

I approached Bob Siracusano of Sawyer Motors (the show's organizer) and he stated that it was the police that made the restriction.

One thing lead to another and after engaging Saugerties Village Luetenant Tom Rea, he demanded, "did your dog crap on the sidewalk?" Well the rest of the conversation went down hill and after shouting at each other, he told me to "stay right there" (pointing to the corner Exchange Hotel) while he found out more. He returned and said that "dogs were allowed".

Firstly: the car show's organizers need to realize that they are occupying a state highway, which runs through a public Village that allows them to hold their function. If it were held in a private setting, then they could choose to make such restrictions.

Secondly, Police officers need to start ticketing dog owners who don't clean up after their critters. You can't place blanket restrictions on folks based on the stupid behavior of a few. With that logic, then all the belligerent drunks at these festivities need to be ticketed.

Thirdly, thanks to Lieutenant Rea for being a reasonable police officer.

Saugerties needs to be more friendly especially to its residents (with dogs).

Enjoy the car show!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Albany chef grills burgers on bridge for Web series | | Poughkeepsie Journal