Monday, August 16, 2010

Saugerties Village Should Adopt Rock Blasting Regulations

The Village of Saugerties should adopt a similar law to Ohio's Construction BLASTING Regulations. Otherwise, Saugerties citizens are left without [even minimum] protection against damage to their property and personal injury.

The state of New York has dropped the ball on regulating construction related blasting and hydraulic hammering.  The only state department that has any jurisdiction over blasting is the Department of Labor and their focus is solely on certification and licensing, NOT oversight of individual projects.

After speaking with Mary from the NYS DEPARTMENT of LABOR in Albany, I was left with less than a warm feeling. Mary was very pleasant and professional as she tried to reassure me, stating that Maine Drilling and Blasting had a good reputation. Though no one "... really knows the condition of the rock until they start blasting..."

Ohio State 2008 ROCK BLASTING Regulations

After a short time Mary called back and stated that her department's responsibility was similar to a patrol officer with a speed gun, waiting for someone to commit an offense. So, as I had suspected NYS DEPT of LABOR does not offer any oversight of individual projects. They respond if there is an accident or serious mishap. She did give me the person in charge of Safety Assessment at Maine Drilling and Blasting: Jim Jilson (603) 647-0299 EXT: 8515


Melanie said...

Thanks for putting this up.

Melanie said...

Isn't the blasting location adjacent to freshwater wetlands, and as such, wouldn't the DEC have some sort of oversight of blasting?

saugertesian said...

Could you post the contact number for Mary from the NYS DEPARTMENT of LABOR in Albany so we can all call to voice our concerns.