Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Maurice Hinchey Explains Sewer Improvement Earmark

Congressman Hinchey Touts Saugerties Village Sewer Improvements

June 1, 2010 - Under cloudy skies Saugerties politicians gathered at the Saugerties Village Beach to hold a press conference to herald the $800,000.00 grant which was included in an earmark. Saugerties Village will have improvements to its aging infrastructure , thanks to Congressman Hinchey.

Some of the folks who attended included Saugerties Town Supervisor Greg Helsmoortel, Town Trustee Fred Costello, Mayor Bill Murphy, Alex Wade and both Saugerties Village Water and Sewer Supervisors.

It seems that the Congressman had called together the press to dispel the "Those Lies" he claims were printed that the Daily Freeman that connected the Partition Street Project and the earmark. The Congressman is part owner of the project.

When asked what his position was on the many concerns Villagers had regarding noise, traffic, lighting and safety concerns with the new project, he stated that he was not familiar with the specifics. "I'm not [aware] of the [Partition Street] project details so I can't give you any answers... if citizens have any problems contact me and I'll [try] to address them."

He directed his attention to me [David Radovanovic] and assured me that he would take care of any problems that arise regarding the Partition Street Project.
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Anonymous said...

"So, are you going to give the Hinch an earful?" Sounds like you were actually there at that little gathering and I"m sure they were glad to see you. Hard to believe a project the size of the hotel isn't going to require more robust water and sewer lines, and infrastructure to treat the effluent. I was wondering if that work they're doing on Clermont above the sewer plant is related to this in some way, but I guess not. Says it's a "stabilization" project.