Friday, May 21, 2010

Saugerties: Tell It Like It Is! on TV 23

Who: Lighthouse TV23 / TV23 Committee
What: "Soap Box"
When: to be determined
Where: Village or Town property
Details: This will be a venue for residents to speak and say what they feel about whatever they want.
The cameras will be at a certain place and time once a week for any resident to stand up and say whatever they want, no editing.
The location as well as the time/date will be announced in the local papers as well as TV23 BB. Hopefully we will have a big turnout.
When we have enough material to fill 1/2 hr show, we will air on Sunday's at 8PM every week.
So, if you can commit to be at a certain location at a certain day of the week and time, and are comfortable with a camera, this one's for you.

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