Monday, March 15, 2010

Vote 'Yes' for LOWER TAXES!

Regardless of whom you vote for, be aware that this is a very important election in Saugerties Village history.

The single largest expense in our Village's budget is the Village Police Department weighing in at $1,400,000.00. Poorly negotiated PBA contacts that have been approved by prior administrations, including the New Vision Party have helped create the proverbial "Elephant in the Room". It seems as though the fox was guarding the hen house, with perks and benefits even Donald Trump would blush at.

Just for example; Saugerties Village Lieutenant Tom Rea and Chief Doc Kimble have been permitted to accrue a combined 500 days (approximately 250 days each) of sick and vacation days at their highest pay rate to date! No wonder why Saugerties Village is in such a fiscal mess. It's time to put an end to this madness. Vote tomorrow March 16, 2010 from 12 NOON to 9:00 PM at Saugerties Village Hall 43 Partition Street.

VOTE "YES" to Proposition No.1 to MERGE Village and Town Police Departments and Row "A" for the Democratic candidates to get the job done!

David Radovanovic
Saugerties Village Democratic Party
(845) 247-0909

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