Sunday, March 14, 2010

Last minute lies before Tuesday's Village Elections

It's late Sunday morning. As my neighbors' families leave Sunday Mass, there is a small cadre of silver-haired Saugerties Village Police loyalists spreading last minute lies to undermine Tuesday's Elections. 
Who would ever dream that two nice old ladies would be out spreading anonymous leaflets making false statements about fellow Villagers?
The leaflet they are distributing proclaims "Top 10 Reasons to Keep Your Police Department" listing an unbelievable conspiratorial agenda as if to come right from the mouth of Glenn Beck. The allegations includes diversion of NYS grant monies to build a Taj Mahal for Town Supervisor Helsmoortel and accusations of "Power Hungry" conspirators whose plan is to subvert the will of Saugerties Villagers and take over our local government.

The real "reality check" isn't as exciting as this anonymous leaflet. Of all the "behind-closed-doors" accusations that have ever been flung at Saugerties' legislators, the two and a half year process to merge Village and Town Police Departments has been the most transparent I've ever witnessed. The real FACTS are all contained in a detailed $30,000.00 tax-payer funded study performed by Fairweather Consultants on New Paltz, New York. The numbers don't lie and it reads like a huge tax savings for Village property owners.

If only all legislative acts of Saugerties Village government were as open to the public as this one was! The lesson that one should take away from this lame attempt to persuade Villagers, is to VOTE "YES" to Prop. 1 at March 16, 2010 Saugerties Village Elections.


Anonymous said...

Isn't that Kimble's wife handing out the fliers

Anonymous said...

She don't live in the village. On the back of her car it says Woodstock.???